Tuesday, February 26, 2013

mountains and climbing

Like many places, we've had so much snow that it is piled into mountains in parking lots (and in mini-mountains between the parking rows). It has been a hassle to me because I can't walk through the lot, between cars and rows anymore. Instead, I have to walk all the way around if I get on a wrong row.

I recognize that in the big scheme of life that is not a major problem. However, it seems like when there are lots of little irritations, when stresses pile up, those little things like having to walk down the row and then back to my car seem bigger than they really are. I try to remember that it's not a big deal: breathe.

Last week I snapped this shot of kids in a parking lot, climbing the "mountain" of snow. Good for them. Reminds me not to fret. Not to complain. Not to whine. Instead? Climb. Play. Try.