Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Essential truths

Just found this quote: "Every vivid memory holds some essential truth about your vision of the world." Kim Stafford

Last night we had dinner with friends at Chick's in Heber. It is a small old-fashioned cafe, straight out of the fifties.Something happened that caused me to tell a story about David. Just the day before, he had been telling a neighbor that we had toured the new student housing being built on campus. He couldn't remember the name of the housing development, so he actually repeated the word "toured"--three times--while his mind was trying to recall the name. Except, he pronounced it "turd." I could see the puzzlement on the neighbor's faces, so I re-pronounced the word for them. It clarified--and made us all laugh. So as I was telling this story to our friends, we all started laughing so hard that we were in tears. The whole dinner was like that--funny stories and lots of laughter. There weren't many others in the cafe--two couples left as we came in, another couple came in part way through the meal. They probably thought we were nuts--so much laughing.

I realized as we drove home last night--after saying goodbye to these good friends who now live in another state--that such laughter and fun characterize our friendship. An essential truth about my vision of the world? Laughter and friends should go together. (wish I had a picture I could attach right now!)

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