Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I found this puzzle piece on the sidewalk a while ago. It intrigued me. All by itself. Without its partners or friends or neighbors. I wondered how it came to be there, alone. I wondered what it was part of. I picked it up, carried it to my office, and put it on my desk where I see it everyday.

 And in the days since, I have thought about it. I wondered if I was part of a project. You know. . . drop puzzle pieces around campus and see if people 1) notice them, 2) pick them up, 3) find the other pieces and put the puzzle back together. I have seen other ideas like this. A desk on a city street, with a sign encouraging passersby to sit and write a letter. A brick wall in sad part of town and paint, inviting sharing of six-word memoirs. Am I supposed to be looking for others who have pieces to this puzzle? How would I go about that? And even if I don't ever find the picture that this piece is part of, I still wonder.

What is the big picture? It's hard to tell from my piece. Maybe it's the grass in the background of a picture of a lion. Maybe it's the field behind a small white farmhouse. It could be most anything. By itself. And how is the picture complete without this section of grass or field? I wonder.

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  1. I have totally experienced that too! I was walking on a road in Texas and saw the scattered pieces of a puzzle. The non-picture side was different neon colors-- pink and green and yellow. So small and scattered in a road of dust and strips of straw weeds.

    There must be another world for where the lost things moan for completeness. But I suppose it's the incomplete pieces that make us wonder, even if we hold those pieces until the ends of of our lives. One day, in eternity, they will find their place.

    I like your wondering. :)