Monday, September 8, 2014

grandchildren and toenails

This past summer we had a family reunion: all 33 of us together for four days. It was heaven. During that time, though, for some reason, my grandchildren kept stepping on my feet, particularly my left foot. Over and over. I don't think my feet are particularly long, but they seemed magnetic.

One night I noticed a cut on my big toe, caused by all the steps that had occurred that day. A few days later it became infected. I tried everything to fix it: neosporin, soaking, etc. I could get the infection to half the toe but no better. My toe looked like a cartoon: swollen, red, and throbbing. After a month of not being able to have anything touch it, I finally went to the doctor. He had to remove part of the nail and put me on antibiotics. So, I had a big, wrapped toe for a week and then just a funny-looking half-toenail. It looked like a long, skinny toenail, and I could still paint it and pretend it didn't look so bad.

Then, last weekend, while visiting our kids, it happened again. A grand-daughter stepped onto my foot, right onto my toe, and snapped the nail that was there almost to the base. It didn't hurt, but now my toe is very unattractive. There is just a sliver of toenail at the base and a big, bulbous toe above it (very sensitive, too). Talk about cartoon!

I don't want to hurry autumn when I can feel comfortable wearing closed-toe shoes. I really want to wear sandals while I still can. I have to admit to a bit of nervousness about the look of this toe, though, wondering what people might think as school starts and I continue to wear open-toed shoes. But I would gladly trade my toenails for my grandchildren being around.  No hesitation there.

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