Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sometimes on a Mountain in September

 Kate Messner has a poem titled "Sometimes on a Mountain in April" that I really like. Since I just spent some time in the mountains over the weekend, I thought I would use her poem as a jumping off point for one of my own.

Sometimes, on a mountain in September,
gold barely shows itself,
hiding its treasure.
Reds, deep and rich,
velvet the hills,
vying with deep greens
for attention.

Sometimes on a mountain in September,
the sounds of the town in the valley
are drowned by the still-rushing river,
bounding over rocks,
nourishing mother and fawn
hidden beneath the reds and greens.
Crickets, startled by our presence,
chirrup loud exclamation points
as they fly past.

Sometimes on a mountain in September,
the sky is the bluest you can remember.
The beauty almost hurts your eyes--
so unused they are to seeing.
It definitely dents your heart.
And the road that led you to this spot
winds away like a promise:

Sometimes, on a mountain in September,
worries and stress get buried
under reds and greens
and rushing rivers
and crickets
and sky.
Sometimes on a mountain in September.


  1. This is beautiful. And the accompanying pictures are breathtaking. I particularly like the last stanza and the peace that it brings. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh this is amazing. I actually spent time up in the mountains this weekend as well and for a second thought you had somehow posted my pictures up on your blog. What a perfect description of what it is like being up there right now. :)

    (English 423)

  3. The words are lovely, and great that you added your photos to go with them.

  4. So fitting for this weeks experiences. Thank you for writing this and sharing!

  5. Hi, Debbie! I just found this post when I was looking for my original poem (yes, I know that your hard drive is a hot mess when you end up googling yourself to find your own poetry...but trust me, it's easier this way.) Anyway...I was delighted that my poem was a mentor text for your beautiful September poem. Would you mind if I showed a quick screen shot of your blog post and shared an excerpt of this at a writing conference where I'm presenting next week?