Monday, March 12, 2012

little free libraries

I saw a news story last night aboutLittle Free Libraries, little boxes of all sorts that people put on their property as places for readers to borrow and trade books.

I LOVE THIS IDEA. The concept of trading books, of making books available to readers who just happen to be in the neighborhood, is so appealing to me. I love books, and I want other people to love books. My friends and relatives already consider my house a place to borrow books--so why not extend the idea to the middle school children who walk by every day on their way to and from school or the neighbors out on walks on summer evenings or spring mornings? I want to be a part of this.

The libraries can be of all different kinds. Some of the ones on the news story were made of recycled items, like bread baskets or old post office boxes. The visual is unique; the concept is shared: Take a book, return a book.

Is there anyone reading who has done this? Are there any issues to consider besides the obvious? I can't think of a better way to be a good neighbor and share what I love. I am so excited! In case the link above doesn't work. 


  1. Me too! I've asked my family to get me one this summer as a combined birthday/early Christmas/done with school gift. I want to do an annual classroom fundraiser and place a new one in the community each year. Or maybe some students will want to build one. (I'm just going to buy mine--building is not for me or mine.)

  2. This is such a cool little idea! I need to get one of these for my principal!

  3. I saw this on the news last night too! I kept looking over at my boyfriend saying, "I want one. I want one." I wrote down the name of the company so I could research it next weekend. I WANT ONE!

  4. The pictures are adorable, and the idea is superb! I have never heard of this and wonder how it will work in my community. Our community is very small, but we do have a library - yeah. It's only 4 blocks away.