Wednesday, March 14, 2012

words and shoes

I am drawn to words. Always have been, according to my mother. I loved books and learned to read before I started school. My love for words (or anything associated with words, like letters or books or libraries or pencils) continues. When we visited Barcelona last year, my husband was a little impatient with the time I wanted to spend at the door of La Sagrada Familia that was covered in words. 

So, I guess it is no surprise that when I saw a pair of Tom's  in canvas printed with words, I had to have them.

I LOVE wearing words on my feet. I am not big on t-shirts with sayings, but on my feet? Yes! I sometimes want to just look at them as I walk, words in front of me, words taking steps, words moving me forward.
So, what are the words on my shoes?

Even the close up might not show them, but here are some of them, inspirational words about walking and moving and doing and dreaming. Appropriate for shoes. And good reminders for me.

Dream more, sleep less.
A foal limps but his dreams gallop.
Feet require journeys.
Walk a mile to loan your shoes to another.
Measure a man by how many miles he's walked, not the achievements of which he has talked.
The best journey is the one walked, not the one talked.
Never lost step with your fellow man.
Sit not, the dream waits for none.


  1. Those are the coolest shoes ever! And they are especially perfect for you.

  2. I noticed your Toms today and am so happy you wrote about them. Love the slice and the shoes.

  3. Love these shoes! The sayings are all so true! Thank you for sharing-I tend to notice shoes for some reason and a friend of mine posted pics of her Lego shoes on Facebook!

  4. Feet require journeys - what a thought. I love the pictures and the shoes. Amazing.