Monday, March 18, 2013

chocolate cake

People who know me know that I like cookies and I like chocolate (not so much candy as cupcakes and pies, etc.). I like cinnamon rolls, too. But I'm picky. They have to be just right--not dry and pretty cinnamon-y. My favorite dessert, though, has got to be chocolate cake. Now I'm picky about that, too, and I've found some pretty good ones. Some I make (I have a chocolate/coconut bundt cake that is great, and I prefer my German chocolate to the way anyone but my son makes it), but some I've found in restaurants. The Corner Bakery has a great little mini-bundt. And Kneaders has its chocolate dome. Yum. But when I was in Boston last month, I stumbled upon another favorite at Maggiano's. Their chocolate zucotto cake. Maybe my all-time favorite.

So good, you need to see it: cake in 3D (in case the link doesn't work. You really need to see this cake!)

In Boston, Maggiano's was right around the corner from my hotel, so I went there the first night. I wanted something chocolate, I asked how the cake was, the waitress said, "Good!" She was understating the yummy factor! Chocolate-y and moist and just the right mix of dark and sweet.The problem is that the cake is so big, it takes two days to eat it!  I must confess:  I went back once more before I left and I was only there 4 days.

Now, imagine my surprise when my first night in Vegas last week I took a walk and found a Maggiano's there! What should I do? Well, I did what any chocolate cake lover would do! I ordered a piece of cake with my pasta! The only sad part was that then I got sick, so I didn't feel up to getting any more cake while I was there. I know. It says a lot when a person is too sick to eat this yummy treat that she can't get back in Utah!

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  1. I love that you linked this to a youtube video of the cake. It must be REALLY good. :)