Saturday, March 9, 2013

churches of Boston

One thing I love when I travel to the east coast--especially New England--is the churches. They are everywhere: along the narrow streets, in the middle of the business buildings in big cities, right in the middle of the lives people live. In the west, churches are around houses, in neighborhoods, but more separate and spread out. Not as right there as I feel they are in New England. I love the white churches, small and neighborly, but I also love the stone churches, so stately and proud.

When I was in Boston last week, I went for a short walk around the hotel in a break between sessions of the conference I was attending. In my short walk, I found several churches and took pictures of two of them (not always the best shot as I was walking fast and using my phone!). I have in my office a poster of Doors of Boston (another subject I love to take pictures of), but I'm going to call this post Churches of Boston and relive that short walk around the hotel.

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  1. Hi Debbie. I have a drawing and am trying to track down the location of the subject area, just out of curiosity. Your top photo looks like it might be the very thing--almost exactly the right angle. Do you remember where that was? I'd post a picture of the drawing but don't think I can, can I?

    Deb B.