Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wearing clothes

Back home from Vegas. After the conference ended, I had a couple of hours to wait until I headed to the airport for the flight home. I walked down to a mall (why is it that the hotels don't have any places to just sit? Oh yeah, in Vegas they want us gambling.) Anyway, I had a chance to see a bunch of people walking throughout the hotel, down the street, and in the mall. I have to say that the experience taught me that most people in the world really need to wear more clothes rather than fewer.

It was warm today, I will grant that. But really, should that be an excuse to bare so much skin, especially when the skin is winter white and dimpled with cellulite? What about the evening wear? I saw women wearing dresses that might have looked okay from the front. . . But from the back? Oh. And guys with pants below their bums, so even though skin wasn't showing, underwear was. I feel like I've have visual overload: too many images I'd rather not have in my memory.

I guess I am reminded that modesty really is the best, for many reasons. And I will think about what I look like from front AND back.

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