Monday, March 21, 2011

book spine poems

I read about this idea in someone's SOLS on TwoWritingTeachers, so I decided to try it with my own books. I had a couple of really good ones going (one was going into zombie . . . maybe I'll work on that one a little more). Anyway, to my students: April is Poetry Month. You might want to try this with your own library and contribute it as a SOLS! Find titles to create your own poem, take a picture of it with your phone, attach it to your blog post (see how your future students would like this???)
I also see a blog where there's a submission request for these:
I look forward to seeing what you "write"! Here's mine:


  1. Wow, I just love this one! Terrifc! Thanks for sharing! I'll share this with my class tomorrow. I already had them today! Happy slicing! :)

  2. Nice collection to create a celebration! Isn't it fun? That site did say you could send in student spine poems too.

  3. I am sold on this idea-- I love it!