Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I had lunch in the basement of the Senate building today--along with a jillion other people. Then, before my appointment with my Congressman (I got there early), I visited the basement of his building, too. Again, LOTS of people. And hardly anyone on the streets. I know because I couldn't find my way back to the hotel and tried to find people to ask for help. Amazing how few people there were! One of the Senator's chief of staff told us the building was like an anthill. Everything they need is there: food, laundry, gym, mail. . . So I was wondering if being inside all the time makes a person look at the world differently. I mean, it's a grey, misty day here in DC. I have a picture that I can't seem to upload. But it's pretty. The cherry trees are in bloom. Does anyone who works here see?


  1. Having lived in DC, and having prowled those same halls of Congress, it does feel like an anthill, or beehive--all self-sustaining. I've tried to see my Congressman, and as you know, the barriers are pretty effective to getting an audience with them. But they have very nice staff, I think.

    The cherry trees--oh, I'll bet they are glorious. In your stay there, I'm hoping you get to go down to the Tidal Basin for just a few minutes to enjoy the "nicer" side of DC.

    Best of luck--
    Elizabeth E.

  2. Powerful thought - can they see beyond their walls? Is that why some funding is pulled, because they have not had a personal connection? Interesting. I hope your time was productive. MaryHelen