Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3: a rain shower deserves a brownie

On my way to work, I got caught outside in a rain shower after an appointment. The shower only lasted about two minutes--essentially the whole time I was running between the building and my car. At first, I thought it would be nothing much. A sprinkle. A few drops. Certainly it wouldn't ruin my hair. I was wrong. After the first few drops, it was like someone tipped a bucket of water on me. I ran to the car and jumped inside. Of course, one swipe of the windshield wipers and the rain stopped. My hair was so wet it was dripping. Great. I went to work, dried and tried to fluff my hair. This is just not a good look for me. When my husband came to pick me up for lunch, he looked at me a moment and said, "I think you need a haircut." Great. When he asked where I wanted to go for lunch, I said, "Kneaders. I need a brownie." So! Doesn't a good soaking and a bad hair day deserve a cream cheese brownie--sweet but not too sweet, chewy, and chocolate? Yes.

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