Saturday, March 19, 2011


Tonight my 2-year old grandson found a bag of M&Ms on my dresser. It was a bag of individual packages, Easter colored ones I'd purchased to give the grandchildren. He grabbed it and said, "Mine!" I approached him to open it and get him a package when he took off running, as fast as he could with the bag clutched in his hand, laughing in that contagious way little kids have: pure joy. He got his package. With it opened, he climbed on the bed and lounged back on some pillows with his legs crossed. This is a boy who really knows how to enjoy his M&Ms.


  1. Yummy. I can almost taste the chocolate. Chocolate is always a great image, just the word itself- with the picture of a child, it's delightful.

  2. I love the sensory description of his laugh. How fun! I remember when my oldest son found his first Easter egg. He opened the egg, didn't wait for the wrapper to come off, and plopped the entire chocolate egg into his mouth. It happened so fast, my husband and I were stunned and then laughed when his face scrunched up chewing the paper. We were thankful the chocolate was very small. You brought back a fun memory for me. Thanks. MaryHelen