Monday, March 7, 2011

No Internet!?

What is that? How can I work without internet? I have a smart phone so that not only can people call me at any time, but they also have constant access to me via email, twitter, or text message! Now, in my office, where I need to access wikis and blogs and my google reader to catch up on the stuff that is my work--I can't get anything?! I remember when cell phones first came out. Although I liked the idea and could see advantages, my mother (always ahead of the game with technology) had one. She answered it everywhere, at any time, even in the middle of a dinner conversation face-to-face. All of a sudden, my sister in another state was interrupting dinner conversation when my mother was a guest in my home! I thought the whole thing about constant access was overload. Eventually, I got a cell phone, of course. But I turn mine off sometimes, and I don't let it interrupt personal conversations. I like that, when I am waiting for a flat tire to get fixed, I can still do things like check email and text a friend. So, now that I'm dependent (in so many ways) on having access--3G, 4G--what next???--what do I do when I don't get the internet working in my office? Interestingly, we all open our doors and wander around in the halls, talking, until service is restored. . . and we can all get back to work. Funny. I hope this will post.


  1. Sometimes I wonder how technology will develop and influence our lives in the future. How can it intrude even more? The good old days will be do you remember being in the same room and talking? Thanks for making me think about connecting to people, not via internet or phone.

  2. I like your voice coming through this piece of writing. I chuckled. We rely so much on technology. When we have youth activities with my teens, they have to turn their cell phones off. I can't believe how they feel so deprived. Back in the day, my writing skills grew by writing letters. So different.:)MaryHelen

  3. I was ready to go postal in the library today when the Internet went down this afternoon. I had to check myself and ask myself, what is on my list that does not require the Internet? It was very short and none of those things were at the top of the pile, but they're done now...